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Enjoy the tranquility

disconnect and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us.

mayan hut

Constructed of wood and huano (palm of the region).

Rustic floor finished with red earth. It has its own bathroom with a clear ceiling, take a bath admiring the sky, the sun or the moon and the stars.

WE DO NOT HAVE ELECTRICITY, the night lighting is with solar lamps. We are on the outskirts of the city, 5 minutes from the center, it is a rural area surrounded by vegetation. Google:Xbatún village



rustic lodging

Immerse yourself in the jungle and forget about the bustle of the city, find peace and tranquility.


Xbatún village

Live with a family of Mayan descent, you have the option of doing a cooking workshop, feeding the chickens, turkeys and fish. We have 2 xbatun village guard dogs.

Enjoy the singing of frogs in rainy seasons, fall asleep listening to the "concert" of nocturnal insects and wake up with the squawking of birds.



It has 1 double bed and 2 hammocks. 1 small wooden wardrobe , 1 table and 2 wooden chairs. It has its own bathroom with a clear ceiling.

IMPORTANT: the signal for mobile devices is very low.


There is no electricity

The night lighting is with solar lamps. We have a solar panel to charge mobile devices; It does not support charging high energy consumption items and on rainy or cloudy days the panels do not generate electricity.


Peace and tranquility


Reception, concierge, Wi-Fi, electricity, hot water, TV, air conditioning, fan, minibar, variety of sheets, pillows (Sheets and pillows are delivered washed, clean; they are only changed if really necessary), laundry (we wash by hand) , WE ARE NOT A LUXURY HOTEL, they are rustic cabins on the outskirts of the city located in a rural area surrounded by vegetation.

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