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We are a Mayan - Yucatecan family, peasants. We are originally from an indigenous community called XBATUN near Kanxoc, Valladolid where our ancestors/grandparents lived for more than I century. We decided to call this project ALDEA XBATUN honoring our roots, enjoy a delicious local meal or a stay in our Mayan huts.

About us


Tradicional Mayan Cook

Our mother Doña Irma has cooked from an early age, her heritage and knowledge of cooking comes from the family. We feel very proud to be able to share a bit of our roots, of our culture, but above all a little piece of our heart within our ancestral Mayan cuisine.


A unique and delicious experience

In Xbatun Village. An ancient journey. you can enjoy a menu inspired by honesty and gastronomic simplicity. we have developed a unique experience for all our diners by using fresh and sustainable ingredients.


Dive into a culinary journey like no other!

Each dish is a reflection of our passion for offering the highest quality, both in ancestral recipes and in our own creations. Treat yourself to a good taste in your mouth, visit us today.


Todos los videos

Todos los videos

Todos los videos
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Aldea Xbatun2023

Aldea Xbatun2023

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Aldea Xbatun Esp

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Directions for the taxi: Ejidos Zaciabil towards the ecocamping (Vocho hotel), enter through the police booth next to the #CámaradeComercio. Average cost of the taxi $200.00 MX, ask before boarding.

If you need help: call or send what'sapp.

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