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ancient kitchen


Share Mayan cuisine with our traditional cooks, participate in the preparation of some dishes as well as the preparation of handmade corn tortillas, collect some ingredients in our garden to prepare dinner.


preset menu

chiltomate: Snack:  Tomato, pumpkin seed, tortillas.

Mák'ulan: Tortilla roll with native herb, pumpkin seed, tomatoes and garlic sauce.  

--- To choose previously during your reservation ---

Pooc chuuc:  Marinated Chicken with spices and sour orange, cooked on a griddle. 

Tikin Xiik': Fish fillet marinated with sour orange, achiote and spices. 

Local pumpkin: Pumpkin poached with spices and sautéed with chaya, tomatoe, onion, served on a crispy tortilla and rosted pumpkin seeds.  

Dessert: Artisanal chocolate sweetened with honey.

Drinks: 2 per person.

IMPORTANT: Please pre-request a vegetarian/vegan option during booking.

Schedule available: 6 or 7 pm.  

Prices & reservations

Price per person.

$950.00 MX 

$300.00 MX deposit required by person.

payments at aldea xbatun cash only.

The deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation or failure to arrive at the scheduled date and time.

Minimum 2, maximum 25 people.

Available every day at 6 or 7 pm.: Sundays closed.

Reservation required. 

Call or what'sapp to check seat availability:



We are in a rural area, the little lighting we have at night is from a solar panel. It is not a fancy restaurant, everything is rustic. Enjoy a dinner with a real Mayan family... The access is not paved, look for us on google maps asAldea Xbatun.

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